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We elevate and empower aspiring professionals and young leaders in communications to tackle the world’s challenges.

The Future Communicators Foundation (FCF) provides scholarships, learning opportunities, and outreach programs that foster communication skills around climate, sustainability, and social responsibility.

The FCF is an initiative of The PR Trust. Learn more about us here.

2024 Intern
We want to spread the word about what climate change looks like in your locale, and we want to share tips, strategies, and solutions for sustainability, while fostering discussions around what young professionals can do to address the climate crisis. This paid internship is open to all FCF program participants.
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Bill Carlson
Bill Carlson is President of Tucker/Hall, one of Florida’s leading public relations and public affairs firms. He currently serves on the boards of the Salvador Dali Museum, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Taxwatch, and the Tampa Arts Alliance.
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Scaffidi | Senate SHJ
Angela Scaffidi is co-Founder of Senate SHJ and Global Chair Elect of PROI Worldwide, with over twenty years experience supporting education outreach through non-profit initiatives.
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Icon | 2023
Sofiya Khan’s “Realfoods: Sip & Learn” and Georgie Menzies’ “Carbon-Conscious Commute” win the 2023 Icon FCF Scholarships in Public Relations at RMIT, Melbourne.
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SPRG | Chun Lam 2023
The second annual SPRG FCF Scholarship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong awards Charlie Chun and Jen Lam for their “Green is the New Red” campaign.
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Adfactors PR Awards 2023
Parvathy Manoj and Utsav Maurya awarded the Adfactors PR FCF Scholarship at the 2023 World PR Forum in Chennai, India.
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Painter | ICON
Joanne Painter is a recognised leader in Australian public relations with over 30 years of experience in communications.
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Ghana | FCF
The FCF and Mahogany Consult congratulate Bismark Brown and Collins Badewa on their plastics reduction campaigns for Accra.
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Sloan | FINN FCF
The FCF and FINN Partners congratulate Alise Sloan of Florida A&M University for her #LoveEarth campaign.
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FCF | CAA 2022
With sustainability projects addressing economics and psychology, the Quest University students win the national climate action award in Canada.
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SPRG | Yang Yuqing Angel
SPRG and the FCF have announced Angel Yuqing Yang as the winner of the inaugural SPRG Future Communicators Foundation Scholarship in the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
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FCF Press
We are pleased to see the global communications and public relations media report upon the FCF Scholarship launch!
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Richard Tsang
Our third podcast welcomes Richard Tsang, Chairman of SPRG Asia, as we discuss broadcasting, investor relations, and how to change beliefs.
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Helen Shelton
What Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion really means in practice — plus why it is better for business.
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2023 Open Scholarships


2023 FCF Scholarship
Award Winners

Icon Agency FCF Scholarship
Public Relations at RMIT University, Melbourne (AU)
Sofiya Khan and Georgie Menzies

SPRG FCF Scholarship
School of Journalism and Communication at CUHK (HK)
Charlie Chun and Jen Lam

Adfactors PR FCF Scholarship
School of Communications & Reputation (India)
Parvathy Manoj and Utsav Maurya

FCF Climate Scholarship
Communication Studies at WIUC (Ghana)
Badewa Collins and Bismark Brown

FINN Partners FCF Scholarship
Public Relations and Journalism at FAMU (Florida)
Alise Sloan

2022 FCF Scholarship
Award Winners

FCF Climate Accelerator
Awarded to students at Quest University (Canada)
Bria Schraeder
Rayyan Hamza Chanda

SPRG FCF Scholarship
School of Journalism and Communication at CUHK (HK)
Yang Yuqing Angel

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